Customer Spotlight: Russ’s Biodiesel Setup – Oregon

Russ is one of our awesome customers living in Oregon. He makes Biodiesel in a BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor from oil that he collects locally.

Recently he sent in these awesome pictures of his oil collection system and production area.Click on any of the pictures below to see larger versions.

Russ’s Self Contained Oil Collection Trailer
The trailer consists of a heavy duty 275 gallon tote, a 25 GPM Monster Gear Pump, plenty of hose, and a portable generator to drive the pump.
Russ Long Oil Collection Trailer w/ truckRuss Long Oil Collection Trailer w/ truckRuss Long Oil Collection TrailerRuss Long Oil Collection TrailerRuss's Monster Gear PumpRuss Long Oil Collection TrailerOil Collection Trailer

Russ’s Biodiesel Production Shed
The shed is completely insulated and has it’s own power source complete with circuit breakers. Inside the BioPro has a special setup to vent any fumes to the outside. The vent tube travels up to a barrel mounted on the top of the production shed that houses the vent fan. Any liquid that condenses gets stored in the barrel and any remaining fumes are vented to the outside.

Also, dewatered and filtered, ready to use vegetable oil is stored inside his production shed in large IBC contaners (a.k.a. 275 gallon totes). Once the Biodiesel is finished it’s pumped into his portable fueling station where he can fill up his vehicles with the finished fuel.
Russ Long Biodiesel Production ShedBiodiesel Fuel Storage TankRuss's BioPro 190 inside his production shedBreaker box for Russ's biodiesel production shedInside Russ's Biodiesel Production ShedInside Russ's Biodiesel Production ShedRuss's BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor VentRuss's Oil StorageMethanol fume accumulatorVent from biodiesel shed

Russ has been able to produce Biodiesel now for several years and has really enjoyed not only the fuel savings but the ability to make his own fuel out of what otherwise is a waste product.

We think it’s awesome!

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